Q: David -> Istvan
Once you told me that you’ve kept thinking of the swedish word bearbeta since it was mentioned in one of our discussions. Why is that and how does it function for you?

A: Istvan -> David
I think the Swedish word appears to me more ambivalent, multi-layered than its possible English translation; maybe this is one of the reasons. To process, to shape, form, or improve a material, where the material can be also memories, traumas and emotions connected to them. It is an interesting area, where work (in a narrow sense) gets blended with the immaterial, emotional and abstract. How does it function for me? I am working on it…

Q: Istvan -> Hannah
Can you mention one film/movie scene that you learnt a lot from, that is important with regards to your own filmmaking, and why is it so?

May 8, 2016
Skrevet av BA13

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